Meet the kiddo's
Bryan was born in Grand Rapids Michigan June of 2001. Bryan started college at the age of 15. He is going to school for Aerospace Engineering. He is also taking classes for a degree in sign language. He has a great outgoing personality and loves to make, trade, and sell things. He also loves to run races like his father. Bryan also has a creative mind is will be a wonderful asset to the Creative Design team in the future.

Jonathan was born in Grand Rapids Michigan July 2003. Jonathan has a creative and sweet personality and is always thinking of new things and about others. Jonathan's life long goal/dream since he was old enough to talk is to own a "bread shop". He plans to go to college when he is 15 years old also for photo journalism.

Havanna was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan January 2005. Havanna is the youngest and is poised to take over/help Amanda with making the cakes in the future. Havanna possesses a rare talent like her mother for creating, making and drawing. She plans to go to college when she is 14 for culinary. She is also a diver and would like to be a coach some day.

All three of the kids love to be in the kitchen. It's a daily fight about who is helping mom and dad prepare the meals.
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